Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Meditation: A New Perspective on the Mind

We live in a world of thoughts, constantly inundated by waves of the mind that seem so real and believable. We give these thoughts credibility, and in so doing are affected by what they tell us. One thought says we are happy, the next sad, the third confused, the next fearful, and on and on. This, in fact, is the nature of the waking state of mind or consciousness. We act and react to situations in life on the basis of our thinking. There is no problem with this state of affairs so long as we live our lives in a state of satisfaction, free from fear, wanting, tension and anything else we would rather not experience. For most people, however, there comes a point where we seek a sense of ease, peace, satisfaction, or fulfillment. At this time we realize that we want to be free of the effect of our thoughts by finding some way to transcend them.

In order to attain this freedom, we need to view the mind from a fresh perspective. The practice of meditation provides us with this perspective. When we close our eyes, we are able to perceive our thoughts and yet, at the same time, know that we are not affected by them. We are watching our thoughts—and yes, thoughts will come during our meditation, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with this—yet at the same time we realize that we are free from them. This new perspective can be called the Knower, because it is that which knows or sees the thoughts as they find their way in and out of our mind field.

Close your eyes. When you do so, you immediately know that the Knower exists. It is the center of the inner space, the source out of which your mental activity emanates. It is there at all times, even when your mind is still. The Knower transcends birth and death. It is one and the same in the heads of every human being on this planet. Knowing the Knower allows you to recognize yourself as a liberated being, untouched by pain and suffering.

When you identify with the Knower rather than the mind, you are able to check everything the mind tells you to see if it is worthwhile. You will take delight in the things of the world, but at the same time you will be aware of the source from which they come. You will be tuned in to your true nature.